Dr. Z is available for one to one personal consultations, as well as group presentations.
These can be set up at your convenience, both in person or by phone.


In Office:

Nutritional Analysis, with information on natural therapies you can choose to use to balance your health and wellness.

Your session will include information about specific foods, herbs , supplements, homeopathics, essence remedies, exercise systems and stress reduction techniques individualized to your own needs.

Consultations last 45 minutes.

Call (203) 263-2970 to schedule an appointment.

Address for in office consults:
413 Grassy Hills Rd.
Woodbury, CT 06798


Phone Consultations:

Similar information as above, scheduled at your convenience.

Mail check or money order for $95.00 for 30 minute consult to:
413 Grassy Hills Rd.
Woodbury, CT 06798

or pay by Paypal to


  • description of your situation
  • copies of recent blood work if available
  • list of all pharmaceuticals drugs you are taking
  • list of all supplements you are taking-exact name
  • 3 day diet diary including everything you eat
  • good times to reach you by phone, & your phone number

Group Presentations

Dr. Z is available for your organization to present seminars and workshops about topics in Holistic Wellness.

Information is VERY SPECIFIC and tailored to the needs of the audience. Both professional and lay groups are often addressed.

Fee- flexible, according to your organization’s usual fee for speakers

Suggested Topics ( or choose ANY TOPIC that meets your needs)

  • Herb/ Drug Interactions
  • Integrating Holistic Services into Conventional Practice
  • Healthy Heart
  • Sexual Enhancement, Naturally
  • Supplement Savvy
  • Natural Health Care for Children
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Herbs for Pain
  • Women’s Wellness, Naturally
  • Men’s Wellness, Naturally

Hair Analysis

Receive information on the quantities and ratios of necessary minerals, as well as toxic metals in your body. Send $ 90.00 to receive a pre-paid hair analysis kit.